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Knowledge Process Outsourcing & Business Process Outsourcing

Our mission is to provide our customers with access to the top-level technical resources for competitive price, to optimise cost model of current operations
or to gain access to resources that skill level or profile is not easy to acquire. We offer a range of services adopting to the needs of our customers,
depending on how much involvement from our side is required.



Scope and profile are defined by customer. From simple assistance with providing candidates profile and scheduling interviews, to taking over the entire process of providing the best candidates and recommendation.


Body leasing

We recruit and hire resources according to the requested profile. We handle administration part of the process and provide resources for exclusive availability to the customer. This model assumes that such resources will be managed by the customer directly and the customer will align those resources’ tasks with their process.


Resource outsourcing

Resources are recruited and hired according to customer requirements. Exclusively available for the customer. Administration, management and process alignment is done by CSHARK. Tasks are assigned by the customer.


Fixed scope work

Agreed scope of work is delivered by a requested team of resources. Fixed price or T&M models are available. The entire process is handled by CSHARK.


Project outsourcing

A task, where scope of the work is the entire project. Involves not only technical development resources but also project managers, business analytics and quality assurance. Usually realized as a fixed price contract. The entire process is handled by CSHARK.



We also provide limited scope consultancy services: Assistance with establishing company or organisation in Poland; Process alignment and improvement initiatives in existing organisations; Technical architecture design preparation for new IT solutions; Technical architecture design analysis of an existing IT solution for optimisation purpose.

Our Clients


Fenergo is an award-winning provider of Regulatory Onboarding, Entity Data Management and Client Lifecycle Management software solutions for investment banks, capital markets firms, private banks, exchanges, central banks and regulatory bodies.

We proudly take part in Fenergo's software life cycle including platform design and development, product customisation and delivery, customer support.